Clinton, MS

United in Recovery: Two Sides of One Journey

Come and Experience the unity of AA and Alanon at "Both Sides of the Same Coin," a three-day conference held on a peaceful ranch in Clinton, MS.

This event is designed to deepen your understanding of the core principles of AA and Alanon working together. We hope you will join us and share the experience strength and hope of our speakers.

This conference is a unique opportunity to strengthen your understanding of AA and Alanon working together towards your family's recovery.

Enjoy discussions led by experienced speakers. Connect with fellow members of the recovery community, share your experiences, and learn from others.

With pre registration, all meals are included with your weekend ticket.

Don't miss out on this chance to transform your life and strengthen your connections with those in recovery.

  • Free Primitive Camping Available
  • Daily Tickets Available At Gate
  • Meals Only Available For Pre Registered Weekend Guests
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Tinnin Dale Ranch
Clinton, MS

The weekend will feature a diverse lineup of experienced speakers and engaging workshops.

From speaker meetings and workshops on sponsorship and the 12 steps, to panel discussions on long term family recovery and the importance of community, this event has something for everyone. You'll hear from experienced AA and Alanon members who will share their personal stories and insights into the program, and you'll have the opportunity to connect with other attendees through fellowship activities. Come and deepen your connection to the AA and Alanon community.

Join us on day 1 for some fantastic speakers a jambalaya dinner and get set-up for camping.

Saturday will feature a full day of speakers, panels and workshops with brunch and dinner provided with your weekend pass.

We close out the weekend with a continental breakfast, meditation workshops and fellowship.

  1. Arrival

    set-up and fellowship


  2. Dinner



  3. Tom

    AA Speaker


  4. Ramona

    Alanon Speaker


  5. Bonfire Meeting